Our nine hectares of vineyards are entirely in the town of Staffolo and are spread over four districts: Salmagina, Campagliano, Filellu, Follonica, each characterized by its own unique terroir. The heart of our company is the vineyard of 5 hectares in the Salmagina district , historically one of the most known and suitable for the production of Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi Classico, which gives a hint of minerals, tasty very pronounced, due to the particular nature brackish of its land, most likely due to the presence of salt in the past. This explains the origin of the name of this country, and that is "Salmagina."

Our red grapes, which are characteristic of the area, Sangiovese and Montepulciano, all grown in the plot of land, called "Filellu." With Verdicchio, is the recent discovery of an old wine, also typical of the area, the Incrocio Bruni 54 (Sauvignon and Verdicchio). It was present in 60-70 years between the rows of Verdicchio, then over time was gradually shelved due to its low harvest, also evidenced by the small size of its cluster. All varieties, both red and white, are bred Guyot, on medium-textured soils (calcareous, sandy, clay), benefiting from a truly optimal exposure from south-west, south to southeast.
Aware that the quality and uniqueness of a wine is primarily determined by the state of health and goodness of the grapes produced in the vineyard, has always been an almost maniacal care throughout the vegetative cycle and productive lives.

In fact, for defense against diseases, you select products with low doses and low environmental impact in the performance of various treatments, and for the purposes of determining the optimal yield in the vineyard, which is essential for improving the quality of the grapes, must be followed by a careful pruning, green, and then run a bunch thinning, veraison time, to remove any excess production.
Of course, the final phase of the hard work in the vineyard is the manual harvesting, which always takes place in several steps to catch the moment of optimum ripeness of the grapes, so that we can then distinguish the selections, that is, the so-called crus wines, from basic products, also they still of excellent quality.


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