Like the vineyard, the cellar is the other crucial working environment for obtaining high-quality wines, without a shadow of doubt. Giancarlo Soverchia, our fellow countryman known nationally as a renowned winemaker, integrated experience and traditional winemaking methods with new knowledge of winemaking techniques.
With the help of his son, David, who is also a promising winemaker, created the right mix of tradition and technological innovations that find fertile ground in the new and modern cellar built in Salmagina's district.

The cellar evolves on two floors: a basement, the real cellar and another area for receiving customers, with an attached spacious tasting room.
Next to the ground floor, there is a large terrace with a spectacular view of the vineyards and the beautiful surrounding landscape.
The terrace is used at harvest time to convey to the underground cellar below, the grapes picked and placed in small crates, preventing any crushing of the grapes, which could cause a pre-fermentation of the must while grapes are still being harvested. Wines are made only from local grapes, using "Vacuum Press" the latest generation press, that working through depression and aspiration methods, allows to extract the juice faster at very low pressure up to no more than 0.7-0.9 Ate, thus limiting the extraction of solid and hard parts of grapes, while stopping the release of undesirable substances.

The press working in an atmosphere of inert gas, meaning in the absence of oxygen, it preserves the must from the negative phenomena of oxidation, thus enabling a much more effective extraction of the organoleptically active compounds, found in the skin.
Worthy of note is the modern system of thermo-conditioning of various tanks, able to produce simultaneously both cold and hot and ensuring the perfect temperature balance during fermentation.
The limited capacity of our concrete and stainless steel barrels, from 100 to 30 hl, allows during wine making process, the separation of grapes deriving from different vineyard parcels with different characteristics.
The cellar also, being underground, is the ideal place to mature the wine in steel or wood drums for the time needed, depending on the specific production requirements and then complete the aging in bottles for a few months, or up to the moment the wine is really ready to be placed on the market.


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